C&A Sustainability Report

The first global Sustainability Report for C&A featuring a video collaboration with National Geographic. Fully responsive website looking at C&A's take on doing business throughout the world.

So what did you actually do?

Worked together along National Geographic who went to different countries such as Brazil, Germany, and more to make a documentary. I worked with their team (specifically the director) to get the right shots and video scenes that we required for the website. I worked very close with the team from NG, who in the end produced some very beautiful content to use for the site. Developed the visual look and feel as long as working together with the UX for a smooth responsive experience.

SalterbaxterMSL, London

Visual Design,  UI


Responsive UI

Below you can see most of the elements used for the entire site. This includes desktop version on the left and mobile version on the right. We created moduals for the client to use on their custom CMS for the site.