Premier League

Recreate their season review for a digital world, while clearly communicating the real impact they are making across communities and society as a whole. Mobile first approach while still keeping an attractive and easy to use site, with lots of video and infographic content.

So what did you actually do?

This was a great opportuity to integrate the new logo and branding created by Design Studio. The project had a mobile first approach and also needed to by fully AA accessible. Worked heavily on the UX specially concentrating on the resposive info graphics that were used throughout the site. In total there were seven different info graphics that needed to work on all devices plus be accessible. 

SalterbaxterMSL, London

Visual Design, UX,  UI


Intro sequence


Infographic Sketches

It's really hard to find any current sites that have fully responsive infographics. This was a great challenge which needed a lot of detailed thinking and sketching. Have a look at some of the thought process that went behind all the info graphics.