Windows Live Photos

Microsoft wanted to promote the Windows Live Photos sharing division. The main insight of this campaign was that people keep their photos on their cameras, hence making them "trapped". Your pictures have had enough, and they want to be set free.

So what did you actually do?

My writer and I came up with the idea of your photos taking a stance, and demanding to be released from the prison that is your computer. The microsite has a "creature" made out of photos asking you on behalf of all your photos to be freed. The goal was to send you to Windows Live photos and start sharing your pictures with your friends. I designed the microsite, and worked with an 3D/animator to create "picman".

mighty, Toronto

Art Direction, Concept, UX,  UI


Character Idea

How do you visualize a spokesperson for pictures? It would be one voice for all, and therefore "picman" was created. A "create" made out of many many photos all coming together as one.